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New Boston Public Library

Library Policies

The following policies govern how we use our library and donations do's and don'ts.


Your donations mean the world to us. They either help restock our shelves, or go towards our sales, which help support Friends of the Library activities. Here are some tips on acceptable and unacceptable items:


Books on CD's
Books on cassette
Children's books
Books on hobbies such as coin collecting, knitting, etc.


Reader's Digest Condensed Books
Law books
Travel guides, unless they are the current year
Literary Journals
Coffee Table books
Books which are moldy, falling apart or without covers
Any text books

Please call us if you have any questions about what is acceptable and what is not. Also, you are donating a large quantity, please call us at 903-628-5414 before coming out and we will meet you out at the storage building so we can put them out there.